Tall ship to land at Smugglers Festival

editorial image

On the evening of Friday 5 August at 7.45pm the tall ship La Malouine will be landing contraband at Ballantrae Harbour.

After it has been transferred to small boats and landed on the beach, it will be loaded onto horses and carts before being spirited away through the village for onward transportation inland. But Smugglers Festival organisers have heard a rumour that the Excisemen (Customs Officers) have been tipped off. They may try to disrupt plans when the contraband reaches Craigiemains!

On the following evening - Saturday 6 August - at 6.30pm teams of two from the village and surrounding communities will compete to win the Ballantrae Smugglers “Strongman Challenge” in the Recreation Ground. There will be a children’s competition and an adult competition. Entry £5 for children’s teams and £10 for adult teams. Cash prizes of £20 and £50 respectively.

Sunday 14 August is the day of “The Ballantrae Smugglers’ Chase” at 2pm.