Talk looks at excavating the Galloway Hoard

A full house warmly welcomed Andy Nicholson to the Wigtown and Bladnoch Golf Club House for Talks and Walks’ first talk of the season.

Andy, archaeologist for the region, told us enthusiastically about the Galloway Find made two years ago. On September 1st 2014, Andy received a phone call from the National Museum of Scotland, it seemed a metal detectorist had uncovered a Viking Hoard, would Andy attend? There was a delay, however, as on that day Andy’s Council Department was under audit and his time monitored. Eventually, later that afternoon, he received permission to attend.

Andy refused to leave the site and carried on his excavations. Again metal detectors located other items. It is thought that early ploughing of the field had probably scattered the hoard, and it was ten pm before Andy could take his finds back to a secure room in Dumfries. Since that eventful day other archaeologists have uncovered a few more items. Removing the top soil they found evidence of an early medieval structure, it is not known what the structure could have been.

It is thought the hoard could date from around 902 when the Vikings were expelled from Ireland. The next talk is on Tuesday October 18th, at the Wigtown and Bladnoch Golf Club House, 2.30pm when Jim Logan will talk about ‘Other Creatures on the Foreshore’.