Support farmers at fairtrade day

However you feel when you get out of bed, it’s a well-known fact that a good breakfast sets you up for the rest of your day.

On Sat 12th March, we have just the thing to get you off to a good start - Kirkcudbright Fairtrade Group’s Fairtrade Breakfast at the Kirkcudbright Bowling Club in Church Place.

“Most people have heard about Fairtrade, an international scheme to ensure producers receive a fair price for their labours,” said Katherine Naylor, Chair of the Kirkcudbright Fairtrade Group. “However, Fairtrade is not just about goods from abroad.

This year Fairtrade’s UK campaign is based on ‘Sit down for breakfast, stand up for farmers’. We are therefore also promoting locally sourced food, products that ensure local people also get a fair price for their efforts. Our breakfast includes milk from Roan’s Dairy at Barnbarroch Farm near Dalbeattie, our eggs are from biodynamic Barfil Farm near Crocketford, and bread from Paul Jones Bakery in Kirkcudbright. So come along and support all of these producers, both local and international.”