Something to Think About with Rev. Edward Lyons

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Our western secular world prizes choice. Though the real joy is not simply choice itself but when we choose well and get the best of all options. Choice is not to be thanked when we buy a car that cannot drive more than five miles without breaking down. We would admit we made the wrong choice.

One of the things I constantly face is not simply death but the dumbing down of death. It is often thought of as simply a natural process where we pass off into something better.

The famous idea of loved ones looking down on us is very common but rarely thought out. What are these loved ones seeing when they look down? Well seeing us do well I am told, and if we were to accept this were indeed happening, which I do not at all accept, we would also need to know they would be seeing us lie to one another. Seeing us cheat on one another.

Seeing us struck with fear or greed and making all the wrong choices. Why should it only be the good stuff they see? Ask yourself, would they be happy with what they saw in you or me? Christianity teaches that death is not something trivial or even original. It is a result of a condition in which the whole universe exists. It is the result of a choice.

Easter celebrates not only victory over death for the Son of God, but how there is ultimately victory for all who trust him. A life that can exist where there is no longer death, pain and suffering. A life free of narcissism and myopia.

A place and a life that has a focus which is not simply the living here, but the living God. A life that has a focus not on the things of time but of eternity. If we trust Christ we can face the grave, not to deny its current reality, but to deny it’s final victory. This is the best choice by far.