Something to Think About with Rev. Edward Lyons

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Half the task of life is not simply to acquire answers but to ask proper questions. Many people think the question, “does God exist?” is the best question and maybe the only question to ask to discover if he does. Yet imagine that it is not the best question. The best question to ask is, “was Jesus resurrected?”

Had Jesus not been resurrected then he would have faded out of history like the hundreds of other self-professed messiahs that populated Roman controlled Palestine. What made the movement we call Christianity different is the fact that the followers of Jesus did not disperse when their leader was killed. Many people through the years of Roman occupation rose up and proclaimed themselves to be the messiah. The movements all took a similar shape. Shimon BarChochba is a famous example of this in the years after Jesus.

What makes Christianity historically unique was that instead of going away it simply started to spread and get bigger.

The Resurrection, the claim that Jesus came back from the dead, is the main difference between the claims of the followers of the self-professed messiahs and the claims of the followers of Jesus.

So the question that shapes history is not really “is there a god?” but “was Jesus resurrected?” For if he was, then his promises and claims were true. One of those claims was he was divine. This coming Sunday answers not just one of the most famous questions in humanity’s history about whether God exists but also whether he cares and involves himself with us. Easter makes not just a world of difference but an eternity of difference. God is knowable, sins are forgivable and life is redeemable.