Something to Think About with Rev. Edward Lyons

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There is a rhythm in the approach Christians make towards Easter each year. Taking each day as it comes helps us to appreciate not only each day in and of itself but also the joy and hope the Easter Day will bring when it comes.

Yet all the days we live are not just preparing for Easter but for Christ’s return or our being called to him before that. With set rhythms can come set assumptions. We assume we will see another winter, that we will hear the birds sing again tomorrow, as well as a host of other assumptions we live with day by day. The problem comes not in the assumptions of what tomorrow will bring, but in the taking of tomorrow for granted.

If you knew it was your last of everything would you not make it count? Would you get up early to see the sun rise? Would you look into the claims of Jesus for yourself and not simply adopt what someone else once said about it all, even if they were on television and quite funny at the same time?

I, like many people, need a deadline to work to the best of my ability. The only snag is that I do not know when my final deadline here with everyone is. But Jesus says the day when he returns to this world is coming and describes it in the following way: “Watch”.

Jesus did not say this to install a sense of terror but rather a sense of appreciation for the present as well as expectation for the future. Today will not be taken for granted and tomorrow can be assumed but not taken for granted either and when it does end, for the people who are in the Lord by faith, heaven will be better than we ever thought possible. As we prepare for the day to celebrate Christ’s resurrection we are in turn also preparing to celebrate our own.