Something to think about with Rev. Edward Lyons

Much of our culture now wants to avoid waste. Of course we would be mad not to want to avoid waste.

We drive cars that do not pollute as much as previous designs did, we have food packaged in biodegradable boxes and we can follow our carbon footprint each day if we were so inclined. But for all the drive to eradicate waste in the physical world there is not the same desire in the internal one.

Like how much time is wasted? Time on Facebook checking who is watching what you say, time on iPlayer, time on this device or that gadget. We all feel the need to eat, the need to sleep. All humans have the same number of hours in any given day. It is the one of the greatest commodities that we all have in common. Yet it is one of the most wasted. And one of the most lonely. Some of the people with the most money and fame spent a lot of time alone. Freddy Mercury confessed this to be true for him in the latter years of his own life.

The promise Jesus makes is not that the time we have will be problem free if we are born again. Rather that it will cease to be lonely. We may be very happy, we may be torn to shreds on the kitchen floor, yet if we have trust in Christ then The Holy Spirit is with us. We are not alone. The tank in our hearts may feel empty but when you open your eyes and rise to your feet you discover it is actually not.

This Sunday in Church we are celebrating two Baptisms and in this we hear the promise Jesus makes to all who would come to him, “I will be with you always, even to the end of time.” And what we soon discover is that he is the greatest of company and with him all our time is always well spent and never wasted.