Something to Think About

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Five hundred years ago this October a relatively unknown monk called Martin Luther nailed or glued a theses to the door of the castle church in Wittenberg Germany. This was the official start of what became known as the Reformation. Luther’s main points were that the church had departed from The Gospel. No one spoke Latin as a main language in the 1500s, so the services should be celebrated in the language the people spoke. No one owned a Bible or held one in the church services and since Christianity is from the Bible, we ought to have them in church so people can see where the teachings about God come from.

But above all this was How can we be right with God? In medieval Europe there was a system in place where a person could do things and earn points for themselves and even for their deceased loved ones. They give money to the church and the same would happen. Luther made plain that the scripture did not teach this. Scripture said, what God wanted was faith in the promises he had made through his Son Jesus. Faith that Jesus died for our sin and was resurrected as evidence his death brought that forgiveness. A peasant or a king could then be equal before God, for either could exercise faith in these promises or not. But if you could buy it in some way, then only the king would be right with God.

In the years that have passed much has changed. If Luther was to come in the door tomorrow of my church, The Church of Scotland, what he would say with what he saw? He would be back the next day with his paper and nails, or glue, with another theses for us. I just wonder how big this one would be? The Reformation is not yet complete.