Showing at The Cinema, Newton Stewart

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THIS week we have teenage action flick, ‘Tomorrow, When the War Began’.

Showing: Friday 29th April to Thursday 5th May

Rating: 12A

Stars: Caitlin Stassey, Rachel Hurd-Wood

Running Time: 103 minutes

Eight friends go camping in a place called Hell... a place not many people have ever found. Ellie and her friends find it, perfectly hidden from view. When the trip is over and they return home, they discover everyone gone and homes empty of people.

Something horrible has happened while they were in Hell. It doesn’t take long for them to realise that their country has been invaded.

Ellie and her friends are now in a state of panic. Do they go back to Hell and stay hidden? Do they wait for the army to come find them? Do they go and help rescue their families?

How much courage could you muster if your entire family had been taken and how far would you go to free them?