Showing at Newton Stewart Cinema


Showing: Friday 4th March-Thursday 10th March

Rating: 15

Stars: Richard Roxburgh, Ioan Gruffudd, Rhys Wakefield

Director: Alister Grierson

Running Time: 109 mins minutes

Sanctum is a 3D thrill ride based on real events and brought to you by the producer of Avatar. A group of explorers set out to discover the secrets of the least accessible caves in the world but when they are hit by a tropical storm, it looks like there’s no way out. As the tension mounts, the team are sent further into the labyrinth, battling with dwindling supplies and challenges that none of them are prepared for. But can experienced diver Frank (Richard Roxburgh) lead a group that includes his own son to an as yet undiscovered outlet to the sea? Heart-racing stuff.