Pupils turn time back to Burns

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The pupils of Leswalt Primary School jumped on a bus on Monday, March 18, for a visit to the Burns Birthplace Museum.

They were going there because their topic was Scotland and they had learned wonderful Scottish poems in January.

As all 37 pupils arrived at the museum, they split into two groups: primary 5-7 and primary 1-4. The older group headed off down Poets’ Lane, which was a long path which led to the museum.

They went to the Whispering Gallery, where they saw Robert Burns’s actual writing desk (at which he wrote most of his poems). They moved into the next room where there were interactive games and sounds to do with the Bard.

From there they moved onto the gift shop with lots of different items to buy. They then walked to the Burns Monument which was huge. They climbed it in groups of six. It was very steep but from the top they could see the Brig O’ Doon.

They headed off to the Auld Kirk (where Tam O’ Shanter shouted: “Weel done, cutty sark!”). It was all in ruins.

They walked to the education pavilion to eat their lunch, then went into a room where they tried on costumes and headed out to Burns’s cottage. There were four different rooms – the kitchen, livingroom, diningroom and bedroom – the Spence, the byre and the barn. The kitchen was one of their favourites because they could not believe seven people had to sleep in one tiny bed.

While in the education pavilion the younger class were learning about how times have changed since Burns was alive. The younger pupils even made some butter, using different utensils. Mrs Baillie had to taste all of the different butters blindfolded to see which she thought was the best!

All of the children enjoyed the trip, especially the cottage. They learned more about the tale of Tam ‘O’ Shanter.