Pride and sadness for Whauphill

Pirvate McGuire and Private Smith
Pirvate McGuire and Private Smith

The Galloway Gazette, June 9, 1917


Sergeant Patrick McGuire, Seaforth Highlanders, who was the youngest son of Mrs McGuire, Over Airies, Whauphill, had been awarded the Military Medal for bravery.

He established himself with a small isolated garrison opposite a cemetery nad though repeatedly counter-attacked by the Germans, held on throughout the day nad night of 3rd and 4th May. He only retired at daybreak on findoing that a post had been dug to the rear of him by other troops.


Mr and Mrs Smith, of March Farm Row, Whauphill, had been offically informaed that their grandson, Private William Smith, Royal Scots, wask Killed in action on April 22nd. He enlisted in March 2016 and went to the Front that December. Before going to fight in the war, the 26-year-old he was employed at Bladnoch Creamery.