Port William and District Community Council notes

The Port William and District Community Council met last Wednesday evening in the Maxwell Hall for their monthly meeting.

Here are the minutes of the meeting taken by secretary Jenni Gray.


Community Councillors: Mrs J Freeman (Chairman); Mrs A Highman (Vice Chairman);

Mr J Gray (Treasurer); Mr P Carrigan; Mr R Jones; Mr J McMaster; Mrs H Pavitt; Mrs S Windle

Public: Mrs J Gray (Secretary); Cllr Jim McClung and 5 members of the public.

Mrs Freeman welcomed those present and expressed sorrow at the passing of Mrs Netty Reid, a well respected member of the Community who will be sorely missed.

Apologies – Mrs B Allan; Mr R Mahoney; Mrs P Watkins.

Declarations of Interest – Mr Gray and Mr McMaster also members of Port William Community Association SCIO and Mrs Pavitt an employee of Port William Community Association SCIO.

Police Report – No Officer in attendance.

Minutes of meeting 30th July 2014 – These minutes having been previously circulated were taken as read and were proposed as a true and accurate record by Mrs A Highman, Seconded by Mr P Carrigan and signed by the Chairman.

Matters Arising

Additional picnic tables for placement on the Harbour Green, purchased by the Community Shop in memory of Rev Joe Crawford, now in situ.

Bus Service Elrig – Response from CCES Team, Planning and Environment Services advising that the feasibility of serving Elrig with resources now at their disposal is being explored with options at an advanced stage and to be presented to senior management in the near future. The option of RVS Community Transport had also been put to the residents of Elrig but was not felt to be a satisfactory answer to their needs and an expensive option at a charge of 60p per mile.

Litter Bins – request made for additional bin to be placed on the Harbour adjacent to the salt bin at the junction of the Quayside and Harbour Road – response received that there is not a need for a further bin as there are already six litter bins in close proximity to the harbour.

Land to the rear of properties, South Street. – Core Path Status – no update available.

Horse Trough – Work has now begun on digging up the footway and the laying of a new outlet pipe to the roadside gully.

Speeding – Request for 20 MPH speed limit through the village – Only two letters of support received to date – five required for consideration of such.

Clone Bridge Clearance – work programmed.

Elrig – Street swept – advice received that it will be swept four times per year.

Maxwell Otter site – ‘Steep Cliff’ warning sign - being ordered.

Verges – Cupid’s Hill to Monreith – Response from Roads Dept advising of plans to stone up the verge.

Overgrown Bushes Airylick to Loch Head – Loch Head to Chilcarroch – Scrub cutting programme to commence October.

Finance Report – Treasurers Account, £ 1495-60 with £ 690.55 of this sum restricted in respect of Christmas decorations. Village Improvements Account £ 2893-73. Mr Gray advised that the balance in the Village Improvements Account included the first payment received from Carscreugh Wind Farm in the sum of £ 2295-00 and that the ‘Wishing Well’ donations had totalled £47-67.


Notice of Scottish Referendum.

E-mail advise of ‘Funding News’ available to download.

Winter/Spring programme 2014/15 Crichton Foundation

Application form for tickets to ‘Gatsby Glamour Gala’ 7th November – Crichton Foundation

Leaflet – D & G Handy Van

Poster and Leaflet – RVS – Community Transport

Poster and Leaflet – RVS – In Search of volunteers

Bookings for Harbour Green – none received – Insurance in respect of the firework display was discussed and Mrs Highman advised that she had spoken with PIRSAC who had informed her that they operate the display on behalf of Port William Community Association SCIO who should subsequently be responsible for the insurance. Mr McMaster agreed to speak with PWCA SCIO.

Website Update – Mrs Pavitt gave a full report on the statistics of the site for August and September with daily average visits to the site of 131 and 101 respectively and with accommodation being the most viewed page.

Planning Applications Sub-Committee – Nothing to report.


Killantrae Burn – Report of Japanese Knotweed and the need for rubbish clearing particularly on the seaward side of South Street – Secretary to arrange action.

Unsatisfactory quality of service from BT in respect of crackly telephone lines and slow computers – Secretary requested to send letter of complaint.

Problems of new recycling bins not being collected on the allocated days was discussed but agreed not to action until the scheme was more established. Concern was again expressed over the use of these bins and the windy conditions experienced in Port William but Cllr McClung advised that they would be here to stay and residents must accept recycling or fines would be sought. It was also noted that assisted pullies are available if required.

Members were advised that specialist clinics could now be available at Stranraer hospital, alleviating the necessity to go to Dumfries. Cllr McClung also advised members that if they receive an appointment for Dumfries they should telephone to request the possibility of being seen at Stranraer but would need to check which option would be available the sooner.

Pot Holes reported junction Commercial Street/South Street – Cllr McClung to arrange action.

Elrig – Erection of Traffic Mirror – following discussion Mr Peter Williams has received confirmation from Mr Robert Cowie that a mirror can be erected outwith the road boundary to help alleviate the problem of the inability to see oncoming vehicles on the road into Elrig.

Constitution – Following adoption of the revised Amended Scheme for the Establishment of Community Councils in Dumfries & Galloway it is now necessary for every Community Council to adopt a new constitution, for which an Extraordinary General Meeting will need to be held. Copies of the revised constitution have been forwarded to all members who are now invited to bring to the October meeting any issues they would have with this and an EGM will then be held prior to the November meeting for signing and adoption.

Meeting Closed at 8.35 p.m.

Next Meeting 29th October 2014 at 7.30pm