Planning applications

The following planning applications have been received by Dumfries and Galloway Council:

WHAUPHILL, Low Carseduchan, erection of extension to agricultural building; applicant Norman McGill & Co (15/D/1/0014).

WHITHORN, garden of 75 George Street, felling of lylandi trees, applicant Mr Archie Taylor (15/M/1/0003).

WIGTOWN, Unit 2A, Creek Road, Bladnoch Bridge Industrial Estate, erection of extension to workshop; applicant Andrew Plunkett Steel & Co (15/P/1/0226).

STRANRAER, 42 McDowall Drive, formation of ramped access with associated railing; applicant Dumfries & Galloway Housing Partnership Ltd (15/P/1/0231).

PORTPATRICK, Laurieston, Main Street, alterations to dwellinghouse including installation of replacement dormer window, removal of 2 chimneys, installation of 2 flues and formation of 4 roof lights and new floorway; applicant Mr David Murchie (15/P/1/0232).

LESWALT, Barbeth Cottage, erection of porch to east elevation and extension to west elevation of dwellinghouse; applicant Miss Karen O’Rourke (15/P/1/0233).

STRANRAER, 8 Woodlands Road, erection of ground floor extension on fromt elevation of dwellinghouse; applicant Mr and Mrs J McCulloch (15/P/1/0235).

PORTPATRICK, Blinkbonnie, School Brae, formation of dormer window to rear elevation of dwellinghouse; applicant Mr Robert McQueen (15/P/1/0236).

STRANRAER, Avoca, Leswalt High Road, erection of extension to rear elevation of dwellinghouse - retrospective; applicant Mr Gary Johnstone (15/P/1/0237).

ST JOHNS TOWN OF DALRY, vacant barn to the rear of the town hall, change of use and alterations to agricultural steading building to form dwellinghouse; applicant Mr Robert J Thomson (15/P/2/0236).

GATEHOUSE OF FLEET, 2 Bakers Dozen, erection of extension to side elevation of dwellinghouse; applicant Mr & Mrs Robin Barber (15/P/2/0265).