Phill opens up to audience

Sunday 27th  September'Wigtown Book Festival'Phil Jupitus
Sunday 27th September'Wigtown Book Festival'Phil Jupitus

Phill Jupitus – Porky The Poet

Sunday 28th September

By Connel Soutar

Assuming his alter ego “Porky The Poet”, Phill Jupitus went through his back catalogue of poetry to provide a profoundly entertaining and interesting talk.

Setting the scene for his original foray into poetry, after the angry poets of the late 70s, Phill began with the self described “mimsy poets” of the early to mid 80s.

Reciting his first ever performed poem, which focused on the subject of dogs and beans, he gave an insight into his past as well as the environment he was in at the time.

As well as reciting his poetry, he discussed his own life, from raising his daughters to writing a tribute to Sandi Toksvig.

The stories spanned decades and give a different look at how his poetry has changed and evolved. Throughout the talk, Phill Jupitis was exceedingly honest.

He was not afraid to bare his past, his passions, and his poetry for the audience. Discussing his absent genealogical father, you got a real sense of emotion that was, at least to an extent, understood and shared with the audience.

He also spoke of his love for the painting “Lady Agnew of Lochnaw “, usually found in the Scottish National Gallery in Edinburgh, and his longing to see it as it is currently touring the United States.

This love of art was clear through his poetry, which contained a true passion and gave a different look at Phill Jupitis as his pseudonym Porky The Poet.