Philippa's sixth sense found the king in the car park

Given the links between Richard III and St Ninian it wasn't surprising that this event was sponsored by The Whithorn Trust.

Thursday, 29th September 2016, 6:50 am
Updated Tuesday, 4th October 2016, 2:02 pm

The extraordinary journey that took Phillipa Langley from being a screenwriter to becoming the controversial monarch’s number one fan is now well-known following the discovery of King’s remains in a Leicester social services staff car park, and subsequent documentaries.

It remains fascinating though and the hour long discussion with Mark Lambert, chair of the Scottish Book Trust, flew by quickly.

Researching a proposed screenplay took the single parent on a path that diverted hugely from her original intention, which was to clarify the facts about Richard from the misinformation that the Tudor spin doctors began putting out immediately after his defeat at Bosworth.

This is a woman of enormous character and determination who has had to put up with everything from raised eyebrows to verbal abuse from some of England’s leading historians.

It seems that without her insight and sixth sense on the subject, Richard could still be lying under the tarmac where he had been for so many centuries.

She revealed at the end of the talk that she has now gathered a team to try and discover the truth behind the many stories and versions of what happened to the princes in the tower, and all she would say was that some of their findings so far have been gobsmacking. Let’s hope the festival invites her back in the future with the results.

Philippa Langley, The Search for Richard III, was at the Festival Marquee on Sunday 25th September.