New every morning

How do you start your day? Do you wake up and speak to your spouse or even yourself? Do you listen to the radio or read a paper? What are the first thoughts that enter and leave your head and heart for that whole day? What if the first thoughts helped shape the rest of them? Starting well may help us to not only continue through the day well but even end well.

As I type this I am learning two things. One is that there is a new Windows 10 operating system now able to be downloaded for your PC. It is free so why not get it? Remember it is new! Also my current software will be out of date by Autumn. Those of us running Yosemite will be upgraded free of charge into El Capitan. We crave the new, and if we did not our economy would grind to a halt. The one thing about new things is that they are not new for very long and another new item will appear. So why crave what you cannot have for any length of time?

In the psalms in the Bible there is a prayer that says, “God’s mercies are new every morning.” God does not tire or fade. He is not in any need of updates to keep operating well. Every day is a new beginning. Yesterday’s sins can be forgiven by trusting in the death of Jesus on the cross and today’s trials can be faced with renewed help and grace because he lives in glory even as I live here on this earth.

Our craving of the new is the echo of our craving of him. When we find faith in him, we are satisfied, we know there is no other like him. And to begin the day on this note sets us up for all that will come after.