Musings of a pig lady: Linda McDonald-Brown

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It’s been a good week. I’ve started writing for a new magazine, East Lothian Life, and at long last after intensive training I have been given the responsibility of presenting a radio show “Chatty Women” by myself. Caroline Townsend-Sawley, the Dumfries-based wedding dress designer and owner of Elegant Originals, sat in as my very first guest, and as the show was about chatting women, we were soon blathering away, just as if we were sitting in a pub with a glass of wine in front of us.

Presenting a radio show, though, requires serious multi-tasking. Not only do you have to keep talking while you organise your playlist, but you have to keep an eye on the time slots for the weather, 
adverts and the news. You must remember to fade records if they look as if they are going to encroach on time set aside for adverts or the weather – and woe betide if you miss cutting into the news on time. You must remember to turn things from auto to manual, turn the mike on and off at the appropriate time … in fact, it’s giving me a headache just thinking about what’s involved.

On Thursday I was also offered the chance to work as a voiceover and help with admin and marketing on a short film by Gordon Slater and John Swain.

Now, I will be honest here and say that my knowledge of film-making is more or less non-existent, so this probably tells you that the film is not exactly been made with Oscars in mind. In fact, it is a short film, only 10 minutes long, and it’s being made with a view to entering it into film festivals, both in the UK and abroad, The budget is probably equivalent to what I spend a month on food shopping and the actors and crew are graduates and students. The main character, I think, will end up being played by the writer of the storyline.

However, what it lacks in big name stars and a big budget, it makes up for with an ingenious plot and a brilliant twist at the end, all the ingredients I have been told to make it suitable for a short film award.