Mochrum meeting

Seventeen members and six guests including the Guild Elder, Mr Robin Lockhart attended the meeting of Mochrum Guild held on Tuesday 8th April at 7.30 p.m. in the Maxwell Hall, and were welcomed by the President, Mrs Jean Willis.

The opening hymn, chosen by our organist, Mrs Barbara Rudd ‘Onward Christian Soldiers’ was sung and Mrs Willis read a passage from the first letter of John Ch4 v 7 -13 which tells of God’s love for us, before a prayer was said thanking God for the beauty of His creation, for flowers in spring, the warmth of summer, the fruits of harvest, the crispness of winter, the joy of family and friends and for the fellowship we find in the Guild.

Two items of correspondence were noted, the Blythswood News and a thank you letter from Mr and Mrs Guy Brown for the flowers and card received from the Guild on the occasion of their Golden Wedding.

Committee members were reminded of the meeting to be held on the 9th May at the home of Mrs Wadsworth to put together the syllabus for the year 2014/15 and all members were requested to put forward any suggestions they may have for speakers. Dates for the diary were noted as 27th April Senior Citizens Quiz in the Monreith Arms Hotel and the 4th June Presbyterial Guild Joint Summer Rally, 7.30 p.m. in Portpatrick.

This being Mrs Willis’s last meeting as Guild president Mrs Wadsworth, the president elect, presented her with a wall plaque conveying the value of a true friend, which she said Mrs Willis had been to all members. She read a poem entitled ‘Why God made Friends’ and quoted a passage from 1 Chronicles Ch 17 v2 which reads ‘Do all that is in your heart, for God is with you’ saying how Mrs Willis had always done everything for the Guild that had been in her heart and adding that she had also been asked to relay a very special thank you to Mrs Willis from a number of members who were not able to be with us this evening due to health issues.

Mrs Willis thanked everyone for these good wishes but said that it was the members who made the Guild and that it had been a privilege to serve them for the past three years.

There being no further business Mrs Willis introduced our speaker for the evening, Mr Robin Kinnear. Robin had come to speak about his work as a Captain of the Boys’ Brigade in Port William, a role in which he served for 25 years.

He told how the Boys’ Brigade had been founded in 1883 by William Alexander Smith; spoke of its motto ‘Sure and Stedfast’, how it had become a multi national Christian organisation and how it had aided Baden Powell to then go on to form the Boy Scouts. Robin’s stories were interspersed with old photographs showing many faces familiar to Guild members including Johnnie McBride and George McKenzie, both looking very much younger. He told how the boys would work to earn their badges, the fun they would have at the summer camps, the gymnastics and sports they did and how they had even been employed by the District Council to clean the rubbish from the beaches from Monreith to the Cock Inn, but ended sadly by saying how the restrictive regulations in leadership had eventually led to the disbandment of groups.

A vote of thanks was given by Mrs Willis who said how Robin’s talk had brought back many memories for her as both her sons had been members of the Boys’ Brigade and she presented him with a Boys’ Brigade pen as a token of thanks from the Guild.

Tea was then served by the committee and Mrs Willis expressed thanks to everyone who had brought food and to Mrs Rudd for choosing this evenings hymns and for playing the music for us every month. The final hymn ‘Will Your Anchor Hold’ was sung and a closing prayer said which reminded us of God’s gift of love and asking that He keep us safe in that love until we meet again.

Our next meeting will be on the 9th September and we look forward to seeing you all there.