Missing cat Bugsy found!

The good news this morning is that Bugsy the missing cat has been found alive and well, thanks to a chat between two brothers who live in different parts of Newton Stewart.

Bugsy, who has a serious eye condition was found last night in Ashgrove Drive in Newton Stewart after being missing since Sunday 13th March from Maxwell drive, about a mile away.

A delighted and relieved Peter Holliday, whose daughter owns the cat, said: “Although I have posted flyers in Ashgrove Drive, it was a bit of luck as Mr Kelly of Ashgrove Drive was made aware of the missing cat from his brother who lives in Maxwell Drive.

I have thanked Mr Kelly but would like to thank Mr Kelly and his brother plus all the people who have been looking out for him and special mention to Cats Protection League who came out at 6am one morning to help me look at a potential sighting; all the school children at Douglas Ewart High School who have been looking for him and again called me with one possible sighting; the lady in Woodland Place who daughter had seen what she believed was Bugsy; a boy called Liam who had a possible sighting at the Library; the shops in Newton who allowed a poster to be put up in their window; the lady in Princess Street that called me about a sighting on Sunday and all the postmen that I met who said they would keep an eye out.

“Although I was in Scotland for three days looking for the cat everybody that I spoke to and I mean everybody were happy to keep an eye out for him, I strongly believe that if Bugsy was lost at my home in Kent then he would still be missing.

“Bugsy will be getting a collar with a GPS tracker in it so we will always know where he is!”