Memorable evening for Twynholm ladies at Dalbeattie

Members and friends of Twynholm Women’s Institute were welcomed to Dalbeattie Museum by music from a Dutch barrel organ, the only item to be purchased for display in the museum, all other items and artefacts having been gifted.

Already this year one thousand people have visited this independently funded museum where the present main exhibition is “Railways, the Paddy Line””. Tommy Henderson and his wife, Phemie, showed their visitors around and gave the history of how the museum was founded and run by volunteers, and of how the “friendly ghost” has helped out with securing donations and funding exactly when required.

The museum has displays on two floors showing thousands of pieces including arrow heads from Neolithic times, and memorabilia from military, industrial, farming, household and professional life. Some items from the Titanic Exhibition, with its special relevance to Dalbeattie, can be seen, and a website can bring more folk to find out about Dalbeattie Museum.

Following the visit members had a lovely supper at the Kings Arms Hotel in Dalbeattie where June Dinnell, the president, dealt with the evening’s business. Names were taken for the green bowling in July at Kirkcudbright, and show schedules for August were distributed. The company was delighted and proud to know that June Dinnell had won first prize for her entry of shortbread at Gardening Scotland and that Margaret McCulloch had won the fourth prize in the same category. The sales table at the village sports had raised £98.00.

Competition results:

A necklace - 1, Mary Wilcox; 2, Sally Willison, 3, Barbara Wilcox.

June gave the vote of thanks to all concerned for a memorable evening out with the WI of Twynholm.