Logan Gardens supports ‘Make May Purple’ for stroke

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As you walk into the entrance of Logan Botanic Garden look out for the beautiful display of purple flowers. It is there to mark the Stroke Association’s ‘Make May Purple’.

The charity’s annual month in May is all about encouraging communities to get involved in doing something purple to raise awareness of Scotland’s 4th biggest killer.  Look out for purple plants and beds across other gardens in Scotland including Royal Botanic Gardens, Edinburgh, Dawyck, in Peebleshire and Benmore in Argyll.

Andrea Cail, Director Scotland of the Stroke Association said: “Stroke happens in an instant and changes people’s lives forever. A quarter of all strokes happen to young people. About half of everyone who has had a stroke will be left with a disability.

The Stroke Association wants to prevent strokes and help those who have had strokes get the support they need. Those who support ‘Make May Purple’ by doing something purple to raise awareness of stroke are making a difference. We are delighted Logan Gardens is showing their support throughout the month and want people who see this stunning sight to be motivated do something purple to help us raise awareness and conquer stroke.”

Richard Baines, Curator, Logan Botanic Garden said: “Logan is pleased to work with the Stroke Association to raise awareness of the organisation and highlight the support that is available to people who are affected by stroke. Logan grows a variety of purple flowers that provide interest throughout the month and help ensure a memorable experience for visitors.”

For more information go to: www.stroke.org.uk/makemaypurple