Local political student hosts reception for top Tory

William Saunders and Ruth Davidson
William Saunders and Ruth Davidson

Following the recent referendum campaign, Dundee University student William Saunders, originally from Wigtown, organised a reception on behalf of the Dundee University Conservative and Unionist Association with Ruth Davidson MSP, leader of the Scottish Conservatives.

William said: “The event last Thursday was a chance for students, university lecturers, staff and members of the public to hear Ruth reflect on the referendum campaign and highlight why the Scottish Conservatives have not only came out of the referendum unscathed but much stronger and in good spirits. Earlier on in the week the Scottish Conservatives launched a new pamphlet ‘First Class: from nursery to university’, which features a series of essays focussing on how to improve the Scottish education system and give every child the chance to get up, get on and succeed in life.

“I was delighted that Ruth accepted the invitation to come to this event, it was a great success and everyone seemed to enjoy it.

“Ruth was at the forefront of the recent referendum campaign which reaffirmed Scotland’s place at the heart of the United Kingdom by a substantial majority. I am proud to be a member of the Scottish Conservatives at this important time in Scottish politics, one of the only Unionist Parties to emerge from the campaign stronger than before it started. We are fully engaged in the Smith Commission which will deliver on the promises made to Scotland during the referendum, and we are gearing up for the General Election in May, when I hope the people of Dumfries & Galloway will elect Finlay Carson as their MP”.