Lasting legacy for Wigtown

Wigtown Primary mural
Wigtown Primary mural

Many events leave only memories but for pupils at one primary school there’s now a lasting legacy of some of their literary experiences.

For acclaimed author and illustrator Shoo Rayner worked with the children at Wigtown Primary School during this year’s Book Festival to create a fabulous mural that will be a daily reminder of the fun.

The mural was a collaboration between the primary school, Wigtown Festival Company and the writer and artist. The panels were created after a series of workshops held with each class during this year’s Festival. The children were asked to put forward their ideas about how to portray the pride they feel about living in Scotland’s National Book Town and the opportunities it provides.

Shoo said: “The children had written about their experience of living in Scotland’s National Book Town and they all talked about the excitement of who the festival descends on the town. One child did a drawing of books flying into the town like birds and I used that as my inspiration. I got some children to pose for me reaching up into the sky and the children followed along with me and did some amazing drawings.”

The design features the festival’s tree logo, originally designed by Lucy Roscoe, with books being blown off like leaves and the children reaching out to catch them. The mural was painted onto 8’ by 4’ boards, giving quite an impact in the school playground.

Shoo added: “It’s wonderful to see it all in place. I hope the children will enjoy the mural and be reminded of the day I came and drew with them and that it will be an inspiration to make them want to keep drawing.”

Teacher Cora Sharp and the Festival Company’s Operational Director Anne Barclay both praised the positive impact the project has had on the children. Anne said: “The pupils have always been an important part of the success of the Festival and this is now even more the case with the school acting as the venue centre for the children’s events. The staff are also a vital part of the smooth running of what is a hectic schedule. This mural celebrates the role the school plays in the continued success of the Book Town and the Festival.”