Kirkinner does the ‘Daily Mile’

The pupils at Kirkinner doing their 'Daily Mile'
The pupils at Kirkinner doing their 'Daily Mile'
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Inspired by Pride of Britan ‘Teacher of the Year’ Elaine Wyllie, Kirkinner Primary School pupils have taken up the chllenges of the ‘daily mile’ in the Machars.

Teacher Jonne Wallace said: “At the beginning of term the pupils were set a challenge to run/jog or walk a mile a day for four weeks. The challenge was taken on with great enthusiasm and excitement. By 9.05am every day the whole school was out releasing those endorphins. Everyone showed huge determination in this challenge and by the end of the 4 weeks every single pupil had achieved the mile goal.

“It was great to see some of the parents and toddlers taking part as well. The children found that they were able to concentrate better in class and felt overall fitter and healthier. They are already looking forward to taking on their next fitness challenge in Term 2.”