Planning applications lodged this week

NEWTON STEWART, 3 Drew Avenue, erection of 1 no. dwellinghouse and formation of access. Applicant Billy Murray (12/P/1/0187).

Tuesday, 17th July 2012, 10:43 am

STRANRAER, 16 Bayview Terrace, Kirkcolm, installation of air source heat pump. Applicant Mr Charles McGaw (12/P/1/0188).

STONEYKIRK, Dalvaddie, renewal of unimplemented planning permission (10/P/1/0388) for erection of dwellinghouse, installation of septic tank and soakaway system. Applicant Mr and Mrs Service; agent Mr A Paterson (12/P/1/0197).

CAIRNRYAN, plot 2, Main Street, erection of dwellinghouse and detahced garage and formationof access (renewal of planning permission granted previously under 07/P/1/0207)(12/P/1/0209).

WIGTOWN, Post Office, 27 South Main Street, installation of ATM and display of associated signage. Applicant Bank Mcahine, agent Anne McDonald (12/P/1/0210).

MOCHRUM, 9 Main Street, erection of sunroom to rear of dwellinghouse. Applicant Mr A Paterson (12/P/1/0211).

KIRKCOWAN, White Hill, siting of 80m high wind monitoring mast for a further five years. Applicant Scottish Power Renewables (12/P/1/0212).

KIRKCOWAN, Craig Airie Fell, siting of wind 80m high monitorig mast for a aurther five years. Applicant Scottish Power Renewables (12/P/1/0213).

MONREITH, Land near Knock, erection of wind turbine (18m high to hub, 27m high to blade tip). Applicant Dr McGarva (12/P/1/0214).

KIRKINNER, Bayview, North Balfern, application for discharge of section 75 planning obligation assoicated with the erection of a dwellinghouse approved under planning reference 03/P/5/0113. Applicant Mr Richard McClure; agent Mr AW Paterson (12/P/1/0216).

GATEHOUSE OF FLEET, Mains of Hills, Ardwall, installation of electronic communications appartaus. Applicant Telefonica UK Ltd; agent Mono Consultants Ltd (12/C/2/0017).

CARSLUITH, Building B, Carsluith Farm, renewal of unimplemented planning permission 07/P/2/0430 for change of use and alteration of steading to form farm shop/riding school reception, fodder store and stables. Applicant Neil Hannay (12/P/2/0167).

CASTLE DOUGLAS, 221-223 King Street, change of use of office to form dweelinghouse, deolition of outbuildings and erection of one and a half story detached office unit. Applicant Mr Scott; agent Homer Yong Design (12/P/2/1094).

GATEHOUSE OF FLEET, Rocky Point, Sandgreen, erection of outbuilding to provide self-contained accommodation. Applicant Mr P Ansbro, agent GL Shackleton (12/P/2/0195.