Gulline family lose second son to the war

Private Gulline
Private Gulline

The Galloway Gazette, December 8th, 1917

News finally came through to his parents that Private James Gulline from Church Street, Garlieston, had been killed in action while serving with the KOSB.

He had originally been posted as missing three weeks previously but the grim news that he was dead was confirmed at the beginning of December 1917. Private Gulline was a Territorial and had been on home defence duties for three years before going to the Front.

He was a Garlieston boy and was an enthusiastic football player in the local team. Prior to the war he worked as a gardener for Sir William Dunbar of Mochrum Park. He was married with four young children.

James was the second son his parents had lost to the war. Another son, Robert, was killed the year before.

Outside the village, at Pouton Farm, news arrived for the Hannay family that their youngest son, Private Douglas R M Hannay, RMLI, had been listed as missing since November 7, having been at the Front for nearly a year.

His older brother, Private John D Hannay was killed at Courcellette on October 4, 1916. Another brother, William C Hannay, was serving in East Africa in December 1917.

Private Frank McShane, KOSB, Isle of Whithorn, had been taken to hospital in Palestine with a gunshot wound in the left thigh.