Gatehouse WRI April meeting

Mrs Johnstone welcomed members to our April meeting held in the community centre.

Minutes were read, signed and approved. The evening was then handed over to Mrs J Hunter–Blair who gave us a talk on how to use chickens. She cut off the thighs, legs and breast which were put into the raffle along with the carcass that would make a nice pot of soup. We also had a quiz which was on things in the kitchen. Mrs Gilligan and Miss Gilchrist gave us two songs.

Competitions: FOTM 1st, Mrs Malcolm; 2nd, Mrs Proudlock; 3rd, Mrs Gilligan.

Favourite egg cup: 1st, Mrs Gilligan; 2nd, Mrs Johnstone; 3rd equal, Mrs Hartley and Mrs MacLeod.

Supperdish 1st, Mrs Johnstone; 2nd, Mrs Macleod; 3rd, Mrs Gilligan.

Mrs McConnell gave the vote of thanks to Mrs J Hunter–Blair for coming and also to her for judging the competitions, to Mrs Gilligan and Miss Gilchrist for their singing and to Mrs MacLeod and helpers for the lovely tea. Mrs Johnstone wished everyone a safe journey home.