Galloway Gazette editorial - Town needs radical new ideas to prosper

At first glance the ideas of architect Graham Henderson may seem to some to be a bit over the top, but you have to admit that Newton Stewart needs to do something - even something radical - to boost its prospects.

Locally in Galloway, Wigtown is the ‘book town’ and Dumfries has the heritage of Robert Burns amongst other things.

Kirkcudbright has the honour of being the region’s official artists town.

Tourism remains an important source of income for the town and the wider area and any ideas which could boost tourist numbers would be very welcome.

The idea of having a titanium salmon floating in the River Cree is certainly something people might want to travel to see.

Think of the Angel of the North near Gateshead or even the Falkirk Wheel. People are prepared to travel to see sights which are out of the ordinary, and this might just do the trick for Newton Stewart.

Another good idea is to redesign the town centre to attract people to the area. The idea of having pedestrian walkways and fishing berths on the river sound very attractive.

Newton Stewart already has a walking festival and could build on the idea of being an outdoor centre and one that has an attractive town centre which welcomes walkers and cyclists to its very heart.

Whatever you think please let us know here at the Gazette.

Do you want to see Newton Stewart radically redesigned or left alone?

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