Funding Support for local youth group

Afternoon tea after a game of cards and dominoes at The Tuesday Club in the Youth Centre
Afternoon tea after a game of cards and dominoes at The Tuesday Club in the Youth Centre

Port William Youth Group were delighted this week to hear they had received funding totalling £6500 from The Robertson Trust and The Holywood Trust to cover their youth workers’ salaries for the next two years.

The children in Port William meet twice weekly – Wednesday night is run by parent volunteers, organised by Maria Old and Friday night is covered by Emma and Lizzie, the paid youth workers.

Youth Club spokesperson Pauling Watkins said: “We are very grateful to everyone concerned with the smooth running of the youth groups but we do need more volunteers. If funding had not been found, then the Friday group would have closed, because we cannot expect parent volunteers to run groups on two nights each week so we are delighted that both The Holywood Trust and The Robertson Trust stepped in to save the group.

“During the past few months the older children have been taking part in intergeneration work, whereby the children and older members of the community work side by side sharing ideas and learning new skills – each age group teaching the other. The senior members of the village have learned how to work the more intricate operation of mobile phones, computers and Ipads while they in turn, taught the children baking, cooking, soup making, toy making, knitting, cycle maintenance etc.

Great fun!

“Recently, we have had children meeting with older members of the village on Tuesday afternoons after school, enjoying a cup of tea, cakes and sandwiches and playing cards and dominoes at The Community Youth Centre. This has now stopped and will resume after the school summer holiday in September. We received a grant from Youth Scotland of £300 to cover our expenses in this new venture of bringing young and old together. Do come along and take part when we meet again.”