Firewalk for Africa

Jenny Craig from Wigtown is planning a Moxafrica Firewalk in October to raise money for the charity that helps Tb sufferers in Africa.

Jenny said: “On October 12th I’m planning to walk barefoot across a fire of hot coals, measuring 1200 Fahrenheit - safely and confidently, with a spring in my step, smiling for the cameras, feeling utterly uplifted and empowered. While I’m doing it I hope I’ll be remembering all those people in poor African countries who are ill or dying a painful death from tuberculosis, with often no available or effective medication. They are my personal reason for plucking up the courage to walk on fire.

“Several years ago my colleague Merlin Young and I founded the charity Moxafrica, to investigate the potential for using an ancient, traditional Japanese therapy (moxa) as an adjunctive treatment for TB. We set up small projects in Uganda and South Africa, and found that daily treatment with moxa over long periods was really effective in reducing the horrible side effects of TB drugs, which have to be taken for up to two years. This means that patients recover faster and are less likely to default on their drug treatment, which can easily result in development of drug resistant strains of the disease.

Moxa is known to have many beneficial effects, particularly on the immune system. Since 2012 Moxafrica have been funding a clinical trial of TB patients at Makarere University, Kampala, to investigate specific effects of moxa on the immune response. In addition, the charity has an ongoing moxa program in South Africa, where the incidence of drug resistance is very high and in some cases there is no effective treatment at all. People are just sent home to die, and are likely to infect the people they live with. Moxa could provide at least some relief to such patients, and by strengthening their immune systems it might be a useful way of helping to reduce the spread of disease.

“Moxafrica relies entirely upon donations from individuals (like YOU!) and is always looking for new ways to raise money to support these projects. This year I’m organising a firewalk as a sponsored event. I’d love you to come and join me to walk the hot coals and to raise as much money as you can. I’ve never done a firewalk before so it’s a bit daunting. But I’m told by many people who have done them that it’s a fantastic experience and you don’t get burnt feet!

The firewalk at Kirroughtree Visitor Centre near Newton Stewart will be set up by highly professional experts and health and safety are of primary importance. So don’t worry, you’ll be well looked after and trained beforehand so that you have confidence to do the walk. Here are some things they say about the experience on their website (

Does fear and self doubt, sabotage your personal efforts on a daily basis? A firewalk kicks these to the kerb.

Do you feel you lack focus, personal power and think that you have no control over your life, career or relationships. A firewalk walks reminds you how powerful you actually are.

Do you feel that your currently living your life with limitations and boundaries? A firewalk teaches no limits.

Is your life all talk and no action: helpless and lacking in drive, enthusiasm and motivation? The firewalk will get your butt moving again … if you can do this, you can do anything.

Are you searching and seeking a positive, life changing experience? An adventure, a bit of excitement? Or are you just curious about how it ‘can be done’? Perfect the firewalk will deliver all these.

And lastly perhaps you are seeking a way to raise money for your favourite cause and you have heard how awesome the firewalk is.

“Please support this event – you’ll need to register online if you dare to walk on fire (, and you’ll need to collect a minimum of £200 sponsor money.

If you can’t walk yourself, please consider helping someone else to do it by sponsoring them. You can sponsor me online at 

I hope to see you on October 12th for a wonderful evening of fun and generosity!”