Finding your inner Attenborough

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Stranraer Museums ‘Museum Zoo’ exhibition is now open, so go wild and make your own adventure. Through hands-on science activities, natural history displays and a lot of fun the Museum invites you to engage your family’s curiosity in science and nature. This interactive display offers a menagerie of exhibits from mountain hares to giant tortoises; deer to red kite.

Adults and children alike have been having fun with the activities including measuring up to a huge brown bear and taking a look through a microscope at a fruit fly. Searching for the mice that have ‘escaped’ from the zoo has been particularly challenging but the real brain boxes have been taking on the Zoo quiz. Do you know which Scottish bird has the fluffiest feet?

Every Thursday throughout the summer holidays, starting on the 7th July, the Museum is also hosting extra activity days in where you can join in with even more fun. If you like your animals more wriggly then the Museum recommends you book in for 14 July and 11 August for the special visits from Zoolab for a live animal encounter. The Museum Zoo exhibition is open from 11 June to 3 September.

The Ross Gallery is showing a range of changing exhibitions by local artists with local photography enthusiasts Douglas Brawls.