Ewart art exhibition

The fifth annual junior art exhibition will be held in the Douglas-Ewart High School on Tuesday, May 28 from 4.00 p.m.- 6.00 p.m.

The exhibition features work from pupils in the junior school - S1, S2, S3 - demonstrating explorations and studies across a diverse range of subject matter, utilising media and techniques ranging from found objects to quite sophisticated computer-generated and enhanced imagery and video!

The more traditional Art and Design media applications, e.g. drawing, print-making, painting, photography, ceramics, sculpture and collage, are all represented, from stunning monochrome to sparkling colour - wonderful pop-art studies, with ceramic cakes, looking good enough to eat...(but mind your teeth!), crisp and sweetie bags of a size that kids would probably prefer…(still mind your teeth!), environmental studies celebrating the diverse beauty of the DEHS catchment area, shown as pure landscape and townscape images, to the more surreal combinations of local, identifiable sites and ubiquitous cartoon characters, some of which were developed into a series of eight foot by four foot ‘murals’ which are now gracing the school in various places - all the work of pupils from junior years! The murals marked a real milestone in junior pupils’ involvement in ‘public art’ with many attending after-school clubs in the Art Department, creating props and sets for ‘Bugsy Malone’ while others explored further aspects of photography and video production!