Environmental Art Festival Scotland comes to Galloway

Ueno Masao. Photo by Kim Ayres.
Ueno Masao. Photo by Kim Ayres.

Environmental Art Festival Scotland – What’s Happening at Cairnsmore of Fleet this weekend.

ROSNES BENCH EXHIBITION by Artists Matthew Dalziel and Louise Scullion.

When: 10am on Friday 30th August to 5.00pm on Monday 2nd September.

Where: Cairnsmore of Fleet Visitor Centre, Dromore Farm,, Gatehouse of Fleet, DG7 2BP

This is a small exhibition of Dalziel+Scullion’s Rosnes Bench project.

Building on this earlier work, Wide Open have just commissioned Dalziel+Scullion to create Rosnes Bench for the Biosphere/Dark Skies Park. The focus of this project is to reconnect people to the environment and to the ecology of place. Rather than propose an artwork that is designed to be iconic in scale and be about the physicality of the artwork itself, the philosophy of this project dictates that the artworks focuses attention on the landscape that hosts the work. The artists want to make a series of works that assist people to slow down and tune into their surroundings. The Rosnes Bench will be a beautifully designed ergonomic ‘structure’, that is replicated and dispersed throughout the district, its function is a simple one, to encourage people to stop, dwell and absorb the context that surrounds them: to examine the tree canopies above them, to listen to a river flowing under them, to hear the cacophony of bird sounds surrounding them, or stare up at a night sky filled with stars.

ROSNES BENCH WORKSHOP: Sensing The Landscape

When: 2.00pm on Sunday 1st September

Where: At Cairnsmore of Fleet Visitor Centre, Dromore Farm,, Gatehouse of Fleet, DG7 2BP

Ecological artist, Matthew Dalziel will begin by introducing his studio’s new work for Dumfries and Galloway: The Rosnes Bench, thirty of which are currently being fabricated and will be installed throughout the area later this year. Matthew will talk about the ideas behind this work and the benches ability to encourage a different type of interaction with the landscapes they will be located in. Following the presentation, Matthew will invite workshop participants to join him on a short walk, where - with the aid of a ground mat and eye loupe - they will experience nature from a different perspective.

Booking is essential, as places are limited to a maximum of 20 people. www.environmentalartfestivalscotland or tel.

Please be prepared for wet weather.


Vibrational medicine practitioner, Sheila Pollock will run two workshops which will draw from the energies of the land and the surrounding environment at Cairnsmore to explore healing. Uncovering what she has discovered about the site at Cairnsmore and how vibrational medicine can work for people and places.

When: 2.00pm on Saturday 31st September and 12.00pm on Sunday 2nd September

Where: At the Yurt, at Cairnsmore of Fleet Visitor Centre, Dromore Farm, Gatehouse of Fleet, DG7 2BP


Japanese artist, Ueno Masao will give a practical demonstration of his traditional bamboo work as well as undertaking a question and answer session with people.

Ueno has also created a sculpture in the forest at Carstramon wood, Gatehouse of Fleet, the sculpture installation is called “The Dome of Silence” which is open to visitors throughout the festival.

When: 4.00-5.0pm on Saturday 31st September

Where: At Cairnsmore of Fleet Visitor Centre, Dromore Farm,, Gatehouse of Fleet, DG7 2BP


Poet Jean Atkin will read from her collection of poetry about Galloway Forest called ‘The Dark Farms’ The poems about the darkness of the Forest’s nights, its farming traditions and even the ghosts of its sheep.  Jean worked on The Dark Farms for eight months during 2011, walking the forest, talking to residents, climbing into ruins and poring over old books and maps. 

When: Sunday 1 September at 5pm

Where: At the Festival Yurt outside SNH Cairnsmore of Fleet Reserve Office, Dromore Farm, Gatehouse of Fleet DG7 2BP. 

EAFS GATHERING 3 – The Land and Us

Come and join artists, scientists and environmentalists for an evening of talks discussions and food. 

When: Sunday 1st September 5.00pm/6.00pm-9.30pm

Where: At Cairnsmore of Fleet Visitor Centre, Dromore Farm, Gatehouse of Fleet, DG7 2BP

Presentations on topics around landscape and place, urban and rural, the local and the global by Dr. David Borthwick and Dr Angie McClanahan

Discussions around our relationship with our land led by Dalziel + Scullion, Scottish Ecological artists

with Ueno Masao, Land Art Mongolia Director Marc Schmitz, Karin van der Molen & Pat van BoeckelExperience different types of food with Open Jar Collective at their Pop-up Milk BarLocally sourced and some foraged food, provided by Jools Cox, is included in the ticket, please bring your own bottle (Glass provided). 

There are many artworks and events happening in the Gatehouse area over this weekend for more information please see www.environmentalartfestivalscotland.com