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The cast
The cast

S1 Mini Sagas

Recently some pupils in S1 entered the Young Writer’s Mini Saga competition. The theme for the competition this year was Grimm Tales; pupils had to write a fairy tale with a twist in just 50 words! 31 pupils from Douglas Ewart High School were successful and will have their short stories published in the Young Writer’s anthology in September. Well done to: Daniel Heaney, Kristy McQuaker, Kirsty Fisher, Chloe O’Malley, Katie McCleary, Jade Stewart, Ryan Brawls, Logan Harris, Dafydd Gywnne, Jodie Salfenmoser, Max Vance, Jamie Smith, Chloe Ambrose, Conor Crawford, Abbie McNeillie, James Chettle, Lucy Gaw, Evie Ankers, Loughran McCarthy, Mark Fairclough, Libby Adams, Rowen Allison, Sarah Lawson, Ben McMiken, Ehtan Bell, Iain Proudfoot, Lewis Whyte, Ross Innes, Barry Brawls, Matthew Dorans and Ewan Hampson.

DEHS Junior Art Exhibition

Reported by Katie Maxwell

Following the award ceremony for first to third year pupils at Douglas Ewart High School, the junior art exhibition was held. On Tuesday the 9th of June all pupils from S1- S3 had at least one piece of artwork on display in the Art department. Families were welcomed by art teachers Mr Fulton and Miss Ford, who were delighted to have people come to see all the fantastic work the pupils achieved. It was brilliant seeing so many different types of artwork, including clay work, drawings and paintings. Mrs Williams, PT of the Creative faculty, said: “it was lovely to see so many parents this time and most seemed impressed by the standard of Art work that their children were producing. They were also amazed at the different mediums of art on display; 3D clay work, masks and 2D work.” It was a great success and we hope to have further exhibitions in the future!

S3 Geography Field Trip

Reported by Miss Halliday

As a conclusion to their farming in the local area topic the third year Geography classes took a trip to two local farms, Coopon Carse and High Airyolland. Pupils had the opportunity to interview the farmers and were given a tour of each farm, which they thoroughly enjoyed. Many thanks to RHET for organising the trip and the farmers for allowing the pupils to visit, a great day was had by all! 

Dracula Spectacula

On the 18th and 19th of June the Drama Club of Douglas Ewart High School took the audience on a frightening journey from Newton Stewart to Transylvania! There they met the deadly Dracula, played by Andy Stewart, and clutch of nasty vampires who preyed on the poor American tourists led by Miss Nadia Naïve (Katie Hudson). Trying to stop Dracula in his tracks was the dashing Dr Nick, played by Daniel Stewart, and Father O’Stake (Jacob Beadie) assisted by the friendly locals Hans and Gretel, Jude Boyle and Tara Burnett. The hilarious tale, which looked very professional on stage, is a great testament to the hard work of the production team. Thanks must go to all members of cast, staff and the community who helped make the show possible; your hard work and dedication shone through. Well done to all involved!

Ewarts Young Stars

Reported by Mrs Junor

The Ewart’s Young Stars Competition took place on Wednesday, 27th May, in the old library. 17 pupils from S1, 8 from S2, and 5 from S3 took part, each playing one piece or singing a song. A superb display of talent performed to an enthusiastic and supportive audience made the afternoon a great success, enjoyed by all who attended. All performers did a wonderful job, which made deciding on winners particularly difficult! Those who won an award are as follows: S1 1st: Daniel Heaney; 2nd Equal: Cara Sloan and Caitlin McCornick. S2 1st: Harry Brown; 2nd: Eilidh Jess; 3rd. Kieran Nicholson. S3: 1stequal: Ruari Donald and Findlay Sloan; 2nd. Hannah Birse.