Customers urged to check IDs

Scottish Water is urging customers to check callers' IDs.
Scottish Water is urging customers to check callers' IDs.

Scottish Water is reminding customers to be aware of bogus callers and to use the three ‘Cs’ rule following an incident in the region this week.

Two men arrived at a house near Dumfries and told one of the company’s customers they worked for “the water board” and were looking behind the property for pipes and leaks.

The men were wearing plain Personal Protective Equipment clothing and were driving a white van, although they had no identification badges on display.

The customer contacted Scottish Water and checks confirmed the men were not from Scottish Water. The company is now reminding customers that they should follow its Three Cs rule - card, check and call - if they are visited by anyone who they suspect may be a bogus caller.

Any Scottish Water employee or contract will always carry a photo ID card or letter which they will present when asked so their identity can be checked. Customers are advised to ask for ID to be passed through their letterboxes; ID cards should be checked carefully to ensure the photo is the same as the person at the door and whether it has been tampered with in any way; also if there is any doubt about the caller’s identity, before opening the door call Scottish Water’s Customer Helpline on 0800 0778778 for confirmation or otherwise that the caller is genuine.

Customers are also advised to contact utility companies using numbers from directories and not ID cards or letters as these could be false.

If in doubt, do not open the door and allow the caller access.

Further information is available on the Scottish Water website at and at