Craig’s waxing for charity

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Saturday saw the Galloway Bar in Wigtown host a fundraiser for Crohn’s & Colitis UK.

Local lad Alistair Drysdale suffers from the disease and Craig Shingleston felt it was right for his pub to host this event. Shingleston also said how it would’ve been a lot harder to organise without the help received.

Craig’s father Herbie was on hand to make and sell burgers and hot dogs outside the pub while the pool competition, eventually won by Jason McGuire who beat Malcolm McDonald convincingly in the final, took place inside.

Ryan McNeill won the £50 donated by Kim MacDonald for the Football Cards and Raffle Prizes were all won and collected.

Just about 5pm, the main event took place, with a number of men getting their chests waxed. Shingleston and Drysdale both took their punishment from Marlene Hughan outside the pub.

Drysdale thanked everyone for coming and highlighted how the turnout had helped to make it a great day before revealing that £800 had been raised.