Cooking up a right royal recipe at the BBC

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It is always interesting when television takes two popular kinds of programme and puts them together. We know that a large number of the viewing public are interested in programmes about food and cooking.

Many people like watching a famous chef combine various ingredients to produce something enjoyable to eat. Many of the viewers are then inspired to try out the recipe for themselves.

Programmes about the Royal Family continue to interest a large number of viewers. So someone no doubt thought - wouldn’t it be a good idea to combine these two interests into a new programme? This is exactly what has happened and as a result starting this Monday at 3.45pm on BBC1, and each weekday for the next three weeks, there is a new series called Royal Recipes.

The main presenter on the show is well known journalist Michael Buerk. He will be joined at the stately home, Audley End, by top chefs including Anna Haugh and Paul Ainsworth who will be preparing dishes which were formerly served to our monarchs down through the centuries. With help from food experts, viewers of these programmes will discover how much of the food that was enjoyed by the public was influenced by the food first eaten and enjoyed by royalty. As well as being a programme which will provide viewers with some new recipes, it will also be a social history programme as well. As a result viewers will learn something new and interesting about the lives of our Kings and Queens. A lot of the information for the programme comes from Mildred Nicholls, a servant who worked in the Royal Kitchens more than a hundred years ago and who at the time wrote down the recipes that were used for the royal meals.

Ian K