Climate changes for local holiday park

Brighouse Bay fishing
Brighouse Bay fishing

A series of Dumfriesshire based holiday parks is enjoying a new lease of life, both fighting and adapting to climate change. Brighouse Bay, Seaward, Barlochan and Sandyhills caravan parks have recently participated in a ‘resource efficiency’ package run by fellow locals the Crichton Carbon Centre which has helped them cut carbon emissions and slash costs. The changing climate is benefiting the business in itself though as the better weather brings an upsurge in British holidaymakers opting for a ‘staycation’ rather than holidaying abroad. The results – a happy local business, a healthy local economy and even greater carbon savings!

Director Douglas Gillespie comments “Being close to nature with our holiday parks we see climate change first hand and do what we can to limit our impact. The better weather it has brought us recently though means that people are coming to us instead of flying to the sun and in doing so are lessening their own impact on the planet. It tends to be less expensive for them too, but what they are spending is going into the local economy. There are so many benefits” Our pictures show Brighouse Bay and Seaward holiday parks near Kirkcudbright.

The resource efficiency programme offered by the Crichton Carbon Centre, in partnership with Dumfries and Galloway Council, is entitled Sustainable Process Improvement, or ‘SPI’. Free to local businesses it offers a baseline of their energy, transport, water and raw material use and waste production and makes recommendations on how to reduce this, cutting costs and carbon. The holiday parks have adopted new practices such as installing timers and turning down heating in addition to larger measures such as installing solar thermal panels to heat their swimming pools. This programme compliments other environmental accolades achieved by the holiday parks including the Green Business Tourism Scheme, a VIBES sustainable business award, the Scottish Award for Environmental Excellence and a David Bellamy Gold Award for biodiversity.

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