Cats’ Corner

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South Ayrshire Cats Protection are looking for a home for these eight year old feline sisters, Ellie and Boots.

Like most tortes, they are truly beautiful and unlike many tortes, these girls are laid back and very friendly. Can’t get enough affection so a household with children and more cuddles would be fine but a household with other pets to share cuddles with would not be desirable! Ellie and Boots have enjoyed a garden area in the past so access to outdoors is a must although once settled they are unlkely to roam very far. Both girls have passed their health checks with flying colours, are microchipped, vaccinated and neutered. If you can offer a lifetime of love for these middle-aged cuties please contact our office on 08453 714216.

Any kittens that were born earlier in the year should be neutered by now to help curb the growing numbers of unwanted cats - kittens should be done from 16 weeks, before let outside and vouchers towards the costs can be given, making this a cheap and quick operation that really is a basic of good responsible pet ownership.