Cats’ Corner

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This weeks cat for rehoming, is the very sweet natured Cinnamon.

Not long after her first birthday she found herself homeless, and then despite being but a youngster, she became a mum, which she proved very good at. Tortoiseshells often have a “fussy” side to their personalities but not Cinnamon - she is very friendly, even with strangers and an all round loveable girl. She has now been neutered and vaccinated and she is ready to start enjoying life in a suitable forever home.

Cinnamon seems happy enough around children (eight years old and upwards) but its unknown how she feels about younger children. Similarly she seems quite happy with most other cats, and whilst a bit nervous, indicates that she may (given time and appropriate introductions) be able to live with a small dog. For more information on Cinnamon or any of the other cats in our care, looking for forever homes, please ring our office on 08453 714216. Please remember our office is ran by volunteers with busy lives, so please be patient if you are awaiting a reply to your message. We are also pleased to annouce that following last week’s appeal, Sammy has found a new home, as have the young semi-feral males that have featured on several occassions over the past year! Thanks again to all those who lend their support, whether it be financial, time or spreading awareness of our neutering voucher scheme.