Is this the UK’s most hated car? From stickers to eyelashes - the worst modifications owners make

By Matt Allan
Thursday, 13th August 2020, 10:00 am
Updated Thursday, 13th August 2020, 10:01 am

Cars are a matter of personal taste, what makes one person swoon will leave another cold, but a new study claims to have come up with a description of the UK’s nightmare motor.

Car care specialist Simoniz asked motorists around the country about vehicle modifications to find out those that drove them round the bend and the ones that they would fit to their dream machine.

Top of the hit list for the most hated customisations were headlight eyelashes. Seemingly only fitted to modern-era VW Beetles and Fiat 500s, these cutesy stick-on features are nonetheless the most reviled in the country, with 78 per cent of drivers disapproving of them.

Close behind them came car flags - the sort that seem to appear attached to windows and roofs every time a football team makes it into the late stages of a competition - which turned off 70 per cent of drivers.

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In fact, most of the most hated modifications were quick and cheap add-ons, with furry dice, stickers and dashboard accessories also among the least popular changes. However, more elaborate modified exhausts also made it onto the list, probably due to the noise they make and their association with boy racers.

(Image: Simoniz)

And the most hated bodystyle? The humble hatchback so popular with those boy racers.

To balance things out, Simoniz also asked what custom features appealed to drivers, with more expensive cosmetic changes proving to be among the most popular.

A custom paint job using an unusual colour topped the list of modifications that got the thumbs up, with 77 per cent of drivers approving. Behind that was a set of aftermarket alloys, although not quite half of drivers (42 per cent) approved of these, suggesting most people prefer an unmodified motor.

Also gaining some approval were custom interiors, personalised number plates, spoilers and under-body lighting for the full Fast and Furious look, ideally fitted to a crossover according to the poll.

(Image: Simoniz)