book week launch for local author

Hazel Stevens, a local author, will launch her debut novel ‘Our Ede’ during Scottish Book Week,

On Wednesday, November 23rd at Craft in Wigtown at 7pm.

Hazel will introduce you to Ede, a West Yorkshire lass who wants to do something different with her life against her Father’s wishes.

Books will be on sale at a special launch price, or you can order a copy from

‘Our Ede’ is the family story of Alf Wagstaff, his wife Lib, their two sons Ike and Sam, and their daughter Ede. Set in the suburbs of Leeds in the West Riding of Yorkshire during the 1950/60s.

Despite the war years when women did everything, Alf would like his daughter Ede to have a refined profession suitable for the lady he wishes his daughter to be. He wants her to go to secretarial college. Ede on the other hand has other ideas, she wants to break into a male domain and become a mechanic.