Big painting challenge returns to screens

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This Sunday at six o’clock BBC1 is showing a new series of The Big Painting Challenge. While this programme is returning for a second series in its old timeslot, there are some format changes this time around.

This series there will be two new presenters - Mariella Frostrup and the Rev. Richard Coles. Richard was originally one of the members of the pop group The Communards before training to be a vicar.

This series will last for six weeks. Each week ten amateur painters will be set two challenges to complete. The theme of the first programme is Still Life. The first challenge will see them being presented with a table covered with objects.

They will all have to produce a picture in a given time. However they will be given help in completing their task by experts Pascal Anson and Diana Ali.

This programme is not just a competition and it is hoped that the advice that is given out to participants will also help any budding artists at home. For the second challenge the competitors are divided into two groups with one group having to use Vincent Van Gogh’s painting Bedroom in Aries (1889) as their inspiration; while the other group has to come up with a painting inspired by Roy Lichtenstein’s Interior with Waterlilies (1991).

The resulting paintings will be judged by two sets of people.

There will be a private viewing where the general public will get to see the pictures and vote as to which artist definitely goes through to the next round. The second set will be a team of Judges composed of Dr. David Dibosa, Lachlan Goudie and Daphne Todd OBE who will decide which contestant will not be taking part in the following show. But will you agree with the judges’ decisions?

Ian K