Big Band night in Carlisle

The Big Band DG Kollective invite big band fans to come along to the Crown & Mitre Hotel, Carlisle on Wednesday 27th May to join their Big Band practice open invitation.

Players can just turn up and join in. There is also a Small Jazz Band Set, again with an open invitation for players to turn up and jam.

Founder and band leader Andrew Turnbull said: “This is an open invitation for players from the region to join the pool of players that can be called upon for future performances etc. For now, the way these nights will work, is that there will be an hours big band rehearsal at the start of the evening – pre audience. Any player can come down to the Crown and Mitre to try outwith us. After a short break, the night will move on to a small jazz band performance featuring as many soloists as are interested in turning up to improvise with us. The highlight of each night will be a big band performance, with DG Kollective showcasing tunes from its growing repertoire.

“DG Kollective is about players, musicians and the great sound they can create together when they have great arrangements to perform. It is not about a specific style of music.

“Depending on the success of these nights over time, things might go up a step in possibly becoming a dinnerdance-concert style presentation with an extended big band performance. Time will tell...”

It is hoped that the monthly nights will build to become a hugely popular calendar event.

Doors open to audience 7.30pm.

DG Kollective players come from around the Border region; particulary Dumfries and Galloway and Cumbria. The players range from amateurs to semiprofessionals to professionals and serious music students. The aim is to make the big band as relevant to the 21century as it was during its heyday in the 20century. It will tip its hat to classic big bandswing music whilst hoping to give a variety of musical styles the big band treatment.


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