Area’s roadkill record worsens

Deer casualties on roads increase
Deer casualties on roads increase

Drivers across Galloway are being advised to look out for deer wandering onto our trunk roads and motorways, particularly during May.

Vehicle accidents involving deer peak at this time of year, as young deer disperse and increasingly cross major roads to look for their own territories.

Scotland TranServ has identified hot spots on wooded areas of the A75.

Dr Jochen Langbein who oversees the Deer Vehicle Collisions Project said: “In Scotland, as in the rest of the UK and many other European countries, deer populations have expanded significantly over recent decades especially in the lowland areas.

“Many people think most accidents with deer and vehicles occur on more remote Highland roads.

“But in Scotland at least 40 per cent occur on A-class trunk roads or motorways, including across much of South West Scotland’s road network.”

There is no system for the central collation of road traffic accidents involving deer in the UK, however figures collated from a number of studies suggest that while it is safe to say 40,000 deer are killed in vehicle strikes every year, this figure could be as high as 70,000 across Britain as a whole.

And the estimate of 400 injuries to drivers and passengers could be nearer 1000 in reality.

Last year authorities recovered 163 dead deer from the trunk road network across South West Scotland.

One of the deadliest roads for deer was the local stretch of the A75.