A skilful retelling of a life and tales

The cast of My Friend Peter.
The cast of My Friend Peter.

The new season at the Swallow Theatre had a flying start with Hookhitch Theatre’s production of ‘My Friend Peter’, a musical based on Beatrix Potter, the much loved children’s author who was born 150 years ago this year.

The script by Casey Jay Andrews, one of the company of five actors, skilfully interwove several of Potter’s well known stories with the story of her life. A bare outline of the story and cast list does not do justice to the energy and versatility of the company; the actors played principal characters and various minor ones, including characters in the stories, switching almost instantaneously from an adult to an animal by changing posture and facial expression. Movement was tightly choreographed, with very effective use of music played by the cast, both as background to the action and in the form of some beautiful, haunting songs.

This was a fine example of ensemble playing but special mention must go to Laura Trundle, who played Potter. This was a radiant performance, conveying with great sensitivity the emotional journey of her life.

Forthcoming events include more theatre – a play entitled ‘The Human Touch’ tonight (Friday) and tomorrow (April 16) and traditional music with Robyn Stapleton and Aaron Jones on May 5.