Harper welcomes ‘home’ the Hoard

South Scotland list MSP Emma Harper visited Kirkcudbright Galleries to meet art director Lily Knot who showed her the Galloway Hoard and explained its history.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 28th October 2021, 10:41 am
Emma Harper MSP with art director Lily Knot on her visit to Kirkcudbright Galleries
Emma Harper MSP with art director Lily Knot on her visit to Kirkcudbright Galleries

The Hoard, found near Balmaghie by metal detectorist Derek McLennan, is one of the most important UK archaeological finds of this century and comprises of more than 100 objects, some of which are incredibly rare and unique.

The collection has returned ‘home’ for everyone to view in the Kirkcudbright Galleries until July 2022, and includes the largest and most varied collection of Viking-age objects known from Britain and Ireland.

Ms Harper also recognised the importance of the Hoard returning to Kirkcudbright with the motion in the Scottish Parliament, and intends wearing a piece of it at Holyrood to raise awareness and encourage visitors.

She said: “It was great to visit the Kirkcudbright Galleries to see the Galloway Hoard for myself and to welcome it home to our region.

"I want to thank art direct or Lily Knot for her expert knowledge of the Hoard and for taking the time to show me the collection and explain its history.

"I also thank all of the staff at the National Museum of Scotland for their expert restoration and care.

“The Hoard is one of the most important archaeological finds of this century and it was found here in our region.

"It is right that the Hoard will be on display here until 2022 and it was great to hear that people having been travelling from across Scotland and the wider UK to see it.

"The Hoard is yet another welcome reason for people to come and visit our region and it puts us on the map for hugely important historical finds.

“During my visit, I particularly enjoyed seeing the beautiful Golden Phoenix which has been so well preserved. It is beautiful, delicate and rich in its golden colour.

"I will be wearing it in Parliament and I am sure that it will raise comments and questions which I will be happy to respond to in order to raise awareness of the Hoard and I will encourage all to visit the gallery and the wider region if they haven’t yet done so.”