New eating disorder policy should not forget about rural areas

South Scotland list MSP Emma Harper has asked the Scottish Government to ensure rural areas are not forgotten when its new policy relating to eating disorders is published.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 12th March 2021, 5:30 pm
South Scotland list MSP Emma Harper
South Scotland list MSP Emma Harper

Ms Harper, who hosted the Scottish Eating Disorders Interest Group (SEDIG) in the Scottish Parliament, was speaking during a debate to mark Eating Disorders Aware ness Week.

Ms Harper, herself a Type 1 diabetic, also highlighted the eating disorder Diabulimia which occurs when people with Type1 Diabetes deliberately stop taking their insulin to lose weight.

She said: “I specifically asked the Minister to ensure rural Scotland has equ al access to eating disorder services in the new policy which the Government is bringing forward.

"I ’d like to congratulate NHSD&G Dietetic team as I understand they have been specifically working with those living with, and at risk of developing, diabulimia and other eating disorders.

“Because of the rurality of Dumfries and Galloway, some people who are at risk may not be picked up as easily or may be reluctant to access support because of the travel involved in attending appointments.

"This highlights why it’s so important to ensure the right support is available across the whole of Scotland.

“The pandemic has been tough for everyone and presented many financial, social and other challenges for people right across Scotland. I therefore encourage people to contact their GP or to get in touch with groups such as BEAT or SEDIG if they have concerns about themselves or a loved one.”