Ex-Gazette man triumphs over mental illness

Former journalist and now author and poet, Nic Outterside
Former journalist and now author and poet, Nic Outterside

Seven years after suffering a career-ending nervous breakdown, an award-winning journalist-turned-author has published his tenth paperback book.

And the book, Hot Metal – Poems from the Print Room, draws its genesis and inspiration from his 28 years in the newspaper and magazine industry.

Former Galloway Gazette chief reporter Nic Outterside quit his 28 year career in journalism following the breakdown in June 2013.

He began the slow road to recovery under the watchful eyes of his doctor and the support of his family.

Part of the suggested therapy was for him to begin writing and talking about his life experiences.

He relates: “In 1993, during my early years in newspaper journalism we would take time out every Thursday afternoon after that week’s paper hit the presses.

“I was chief reporter of a one of Scotland’s most highly regarded county newspapers: The Galloway Gazette.

“This was our two-hour sojourn before we began planning the following week’s edition.

“It was a time to escape from ‘Cow Halts Traffic on A75’, ‘Young Mum Guilty of Shoplifting at Woolworths’ and similar stories to find solace and creativity in my self-centred pastime of poetry.

“So I would sit, with a mug of coffee in my hand and scribble some ideas: few lines, and if I was particularly creative maybe a whole poem.

“ The poems would never be read by anyone else… it was my secret hobby. Then by the end of last year, I suddenly realised I had more than enough poems to fill yet another book!

“It is a litany of love, loss and angst fermented with the ideas that swam around my head all those years ago.”

The book is available from Amazon priced, £7.99.